Richard A. Waters
Welcome to my Fine Art website. In the Gallery section you will find watercolors of landscapes in California, Hawaii, Roatan Island, and the Mississippi Gulf coast. Most of the watercolors are full sheet or 22 x 30 inches. There are also several forms of giclee prints including Landscapes, Mandalas and Abstracts. All prints are in limited editions of 50 using archival pigmented ink on archival watercolor paper.

There is a link to my musical instrument site that includes the waterphone and other instruments I have invented and/or make, plus CDs of original music, "Water Dreams" and "ONE" which are adventuresome, cross genre music on new musical inventions and sound devices spanning 40 years. These CDs represents the best music from several ensembles I played and performed in during my San Francisco Bay Area years. If you are interested in either the audio or visual art, please contact me for questions concerning exhibits, sales, lectures & performance or a combination of these.